...where music is magic!

Mr. Malcolm, Mr. Mouse,
& Mr. Clown

Educational kids TV show that teaches inclusivity, mindfulness, and social emotional learning with puppets and kids singing and drumming!

Much thanks to REMO for supporting
Mr. Malcolm's Rhythm Factory!
REMO makes wonderful kids
percussion instruments
in Valencia, Ca.



Mr. Malcolm is also a regular guest on
The Adventures of Mr. Clown,
a kids TV show where they teach kids
how to spell the 100 Sight Words.

Other guests on the show include
Ray Romano, Allyson Janney,
Phil Rosenthal, Camryn Manheim,
& Liesel Kopp.



Much thanks to KANDU for supporting
Mr. Malcolm's Rhythm Factory!
KANDU makes beautiful and resonant wood instruments in Israel,
including; cajons, Kitaks,
Mashboxes, Cabongas,
& Cajongas.


Mr. Malcolm & Mr. Clown

Mr. Malcolm, Dylan, River,
Tvisha, & Mr. Clown

Mr. Malcolm, Wyatt, & Dylan with Jason the dog  
& Mr. Clown

Mr. Malcolm's Rhythm Factory:

Jon Manfrelotti, Mr. Malcolm, 
Tegan, Jason the dog,
& Mr. Clown

Milton the dog, Sunny,
Mr. Malcolm, Tvisha,
Payton, & Mr. Clown

Mr. Malcolm, Audrey,
& Jason the dog

Mr. Malcolm, Rachel, Mr. Clown, & Laura

Milton the dog, Audrey, Nandi,
Mr. Malcolm, Ripley, & Mr. Clown


Mr. Malcolm & Pink Fong


Mr. Malcolm & Sticky the stick

Mr. Malcolm with
Jason the dog,

Audrey, & Victor

Special thanks to Victor Yerrid. 
Victor is an American puppeteer for the
Jim Henson Company and has performed Muppet characters in many movies,
TV shows and TV commercials. He also
was a lead puppeteer on the show
 Greg the Bunny

He can currently be seen
on the new Netflix show 
The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Mr. Malcolm & Mr. Clown
sing and drum with a KANDU Mashbox and Boomwhackers!

*Additional thanks to
Tom Caltabiano (Everyone Loves Raymond)
& editor/showrunner Nithin Cherian.


"Music enhances the education
of our children by helping them
to make connections and broadening
the depth with which they think and feel.
If we are to hope for a society
of culturally literate people,
music must be a vital part
of our children's education."
-Yo-Yo Ma

© Malcolm Moore (2019) *Photos by Cheryl Himmelstein, Sandra McCurdy, Justin Wade, & Tom Caltabiano