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With over 25 years experience working
with youth in education, music, and
mental health, Malcolm is the Music Teacher
and a Behaviorist at Larchmont Charter Hollygrove
in Hollywood, CA. He also facilitates weekly drum circles and teaches drums privately.

Malcolm Moore - Hollywood Drum Circle

Victor Yerrid & Malcolm Moore

"Imagination is the beginning of creation.
You imagine what you desire, you will what
you imagine, and at last, you create
what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

Drummer/Actor Ty Simpkins - Vic Firth

"I utilize Kandu cajons in Hollywood, CA
for music education, social/emotional therapy, 

musical performance, recordings,
and meditation.


Kandu products are simply the most 
resonant, beautiful, and versatile cajons 
I have ever played. It is an honor
to be a part of the
international Kandu family!"

Drummer/Actor Ty Simpkins - Vic Firth
Malcolm Moore - Music Education
Photo by Cheryl Himmelstein
Hollywood Drum Circle

“Rhythm and harmony enter

most powerfully into the

inner most part of the soul and

lay forcible hands upon it, bearing

grace with them, so making

graceful him who is

rightly trained.”

- Plato


Drummer/Actor Ty Simpkins - Vic Firth

One of Malcolm's students

is actor Ty Simpkins

(Jurassic World, Iron Man 3, Insidious)


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