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Malcolm Moore REANIMATION (2011)

Produced by Roman Klun in New York City

Artwork by Laura Wilder

Malcolm Moore is a drummer, singer, songwriter, educator, & drum circle facilitator who lives and works in Hollywood, CA.


He has played with Sam Barsh, Batmaker, Andrew Behjatnia,
Bucklebunny, Tom Caltabiano, Chuck Campbell, Matt Carmody, Nithin Cherian, Scott Coblio, Greg Collins, Aaron Comess, Kyle Crane, Joe Cruz, David CasT, Keith Eaddy, Abbie Ehorn, Tricia Ferguson, Madeline Fuhrman, Gino Gamboa, Gregory Gates, Phoenix Gonzalez, John Hoskinson, Brannon Hungness, Maria Infantine, David Johnson, Dan Kay, Alex Kelley, Jen Kerner, Diva Khoury, Roman Klun, Derek Leininger, Tony Levin, Steve LeSieur, Tke Long, Blas Lorenzo, Jon Manfrellotti, Ryan MacMillan, Man Jam, Early McCalister, Nicholas Jarnot Mcleod, Alberto Mirabal, Gianni Neiviller, Katt Newlon, Jim O'Mahony, Paddy's Pig, Joe Pascual, Drew Powell, Peter Primamore, Monica Reed, Dana Robbins, Gary Dean Ruebsamen, Glenn Sias, Brendan Schoeny Smith, Emi Secrest, Karl Sterling, Christine Stevens, Ty Sympkins, Maiya Sykes, Alekos Syropoulos, Eric Taylor, Sally VanHarken, Bryan Velasco, Justin Wade, Brad Watson, Justin Wilcott, Waterparx, & Victor Yerrid.

"With Malcolm Moore doubling

on both vocals and drums,

REANIMATION is a unique sound

worth taking a listen to."

-DRUMHEAD Magazine 


"Malcolm: Congratulations.

'YRUAfraid of Love?'hit the spot.

The stoic yet surrendered seeker/

preacher/ necessarily alone/
unassociated with creed/

hence very Malcolm authentic.

Onward and inward. "

-Peter Murphy (Bauhaus)


"Record, cover, everything! Is that gorgeous woman with the fabulous quote your mom? Wow! Your work is very touching. Great groove and melody and you have a strong voice. Cool, Malcolm!"

-Edie Brickell (singer)



Smokin' recording Mal!! 

Is that really you singing?!

Great voice." 

-Jerry Marotta

(Peter Gabriel, Sarah McLachlan)


"Wow. Nice work indeed.

You and Tony Levin

get into a nice thing."

-Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure)

Waterparx JUST LISTEN (2017)

Produced by Waterparx in Los Angeles

Artwork by Jen Kerner


Mr. Malcolm's Rhythm Factory

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